Chamber Checks

The Chamber of Commerce of Walker County is excited to introduce a unique program designed to encourage people to shop at home, and pump money back into our local economy! Chamber Checks are available for purchase needs, whether it’s The Chamber of Commerce of Walker County is excited Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other special occasion.

Chamber Checks are gift checks that may be used at any business that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Walker County. This gives recipients over 200 choices of where to spend their chamber checks, and fellow Chamber members will also benefit!

Top Ten Reasons to Purchase Chamber Checks

1. Keep Money In The Community– It only makes sense!

2. Embrace What Makes Us Different– If we wanted to live somewhere that looked like everywhere else, we wouldn’t be living here!

Get Better Service– Buy from who you know, you’ll always get better service!

4. Buy What You Want– Walker County has numerous businesses to choose from. We just ask that you try to buy here first!

5. Create More Good Jobs– The more you buy, the more jobs created.

6. Help Out The Environment– Shopping in our community means less travel elsewhere!

7. Invest In The Community– People who live here and work here are more invested in the community.

8. Put Your Taxes To Good Use– Sales tax creates funding for all those amenities we enjoy.

9. Quality Of Life– Need we say more?

10. Believe In Walker County– What’s spent in Walker County, stays in Walker County.

Did you know…

Chamber Checks help support our local economy by encouraging people to buy local?

Chamber Checks are available exclusively at the Walker County Chamber of Commerce?

They make great gifts for employees, teachers, coaches, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and MORE!


Here’s How it Works:

To Give Chamber Checks to Employees:

- Each Chamber Check comes in ten dollar increments. Send or bring a check for the total amount desired, along with a list of employee’s names to the Chamber office.

- The Chamber will print the individual checks, which will include the employee’s name, the dollar amount, and your company name.

- The Chamber will also provide an information brochure to give to your employees, explaining how the program works and where they can redeem their Chamber Checks.

- Because Chamber Checks can be used for goods and services provided by Chamber members, your employees are able to spend the dollars however they want or need. Just think of the many uses..

When a Customer Brings a Check to your Business:

1. Chamber checks are treated just like regular checks and are to be deposited in your account as any other check. Please make sure employees who handle money are well informed of the program and do not turn away customers who bring in Chamber Checks.

2. Chamber Checks will be issued in $10.00 increments and are only valid for 90 days.

3. All Chamber of Commerce businesses will receive a counter card stating “Chamber Checks Welcome.” In addition we will mail you a copy of an actual Chamber Check so that your employees will be familiar with their appearance.

Chamber Checks Benefit Your Company!

Your company can spend the same amount of money that would normally be spent for holiday gifts and bonuses, but instead of an item or a gift certificate to a single location, employees can spend their Chamber Check wherever the checks can be used.

Also, by honoring Chamber Checks, your business will receive free advertising on the listing promoting all Chamber Members as participating in the program.